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Deal: Magnetic 1M MicroUSB Charging/Sync Cable for $4.99 US

TinyDeal is running a promotion on the new Magnetic MicroUSB Cable that can make charging and syncing data much easier without wearing out your microUSB slot.

The concept is very straightforward. You insert a microUSB adapter into your device and connect the cable to the adapter magnetically which will allow it to charge and sync data. This makes charging your phone far more convenient as you don’t need to go through the troubles of getting the microUSB in the right way and the cable will attach and detach easily.

Magnetic MicroUSB

Unfortunately the microUSB adapter has a flat design, so if you have a phone with a curved bottom it won’t fit as good as a flat bottomed phone. It will also look out of place if your phone isn’t coloured white, but it’s definitly worth it for the convenience. The cable also includes an LED light to show it’s charging status and makes it easier to find in the dark.

You can pick it up at TinyDeal for only $4.99 US Delievered.