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BlitzWolf XRC600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with App Control Announced

Recently the electronic consumer brand BlitzWolf announced another exciting gadget known as the BlitzWolf XRC600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaners have been around since the 90s with various models like the iRobot Roomba 650 being a popular choice. Unfortunately they haven’t come cheap with the base models starting at around $300 and the more expensive models up to $900. Fortunately companies in China have taken advantage of this by releasing their own smart robot vacuum cleaners at fraction of the cost.

In recent years the brand ILIFE has been popular online thanks to their products having the same features with prices between $100 and $160.

Now that BlitzWolf have announced their own model, it adds some much needed competition to the table. So far we know that the BlitzWolf XRC600 has a series of rotating dust collectors that will act as a broom to suck up everything in it’s path. The suction pa level is unclear with BlitzWolf saying 1200pa and Banggood listing 400-700pa.

It also comes with placeable sonar sensors to be used inconjuction with it’s own sensors to avoid hitting obstacles, falling down stairs or controlling the area it will clean. BlitzWolf have said that it has a 3350mAh battery which is a relief as ILIFE include 2800mAh batteries in their products with a running time of 1-2 hours.


BlitzWolf XRC600 Sonar Wall
BlitzWolf XRC600 Sonar Wall


When it comes to covering all areas of the floor, there are 5 modes of cleaning including the option to return home for charging.

BlitzWolf XRC600 Modes

  • Spot – Circles around a spill and focuses on the areas with the most dirt
  • Wall – Cleans along a perimeter of a wall
  • Polygonal – Cleans in a polygon pattern
  • S-Pattern – Gradually cleans from one end of the room to the other
  • Auto – Combination of all modes above

You can also control it manually with the smartphone app or IR remote.


BlitzWolf XRC600 App
BlitzWolf XRC600 App


Price and Availability

The BlitzWolf XRC600 is expected to be released in September with a price between $140 and $190.

Currently it’s listed at Banggood for $159.99.