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Coronavirus now available on AliExpress

This heading isn’t click bait… well maybe it is, but only a little bit. AliExpress sellers have now started listing the Coronavirus available for sale.

No what they’re really selling is a model of the Coronavirus structure itself for what they describe as “teaching purposes”. However wouldn’t it be ironic if the model had the Coronavirus on it?

Fortunately scientists believe that the virus itself cannot last more than a few days on a surface. Given that the Lunar New Year holidays are still going, it’s going to be weeks until AliExpress sellers start shipping out their products. After that it’ll take even longer for the product to finally arrive.

AliExpress Coronavirus

Still the product itself is quite humourous and I hope the sellers taking advantage of this make a good amount of profit from it. Since a lot of factories and companies, particularly around the Wuhan province where a lot of electronics are made will be closed, the industry will be hurting quite a lot.

If you’re interested in picking up a Coronavirus model to prank your friends then you can pick one up here. At the time of writing they were selling for $32.68 US. It’ll be curious to see how the pricing will change over the coming weeks or if the listing will even stay online.