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DIEWU Micro USB 10/100Mbps 5 Port Switch for $6.50

In the world of computer networking you have well known names like Cisco, Netgear, and Ubiquiti. While in China there is Tenda, Huawei, TP-Link and finally DIEWU. Actually DIEWU aren’t a well known name in China. They are infact a small OEM/ODM manufacturer out of Shenzhen that mainly provide network switches and network cards for both consumers and enterprise.

A while ago I discovered an Ethernet network switch for an extremely low price of $6.42 US! It has all the technical bells and whistles you’d expect in a network switch. This includes 802.3x flow control, full/half duplex, auto uplink, auto negotiation and most importantly LED lights.

What is most interesting about this network switch is the method of power. It takes a Micro USB cable at the rear and only needs to draw a maximum of 5V/1A. This means that the network switch can be powered by any phone charger or even a power bank on the go.


The drawback of the switch is that the ports are only fast ethernet 10/100Mbps instead of gigabit 10/100/1000Mbps found in newer switches these days. However, considering the very low price this sells for that’s not surprising.

As for possible uses of this network switch? It’s perfect for IT professionals to keep as a spare for emergencies or could be used with phones, printers and other devices that won’t be transferring large files.


Currently DealExtreme are the cheapest store to get the DIEWU from for as low as $6.42 US.

Also available at AliExpress for $9.03 US.