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EleksMaker EleksAudio is a Hard Drive Bluetooth Speaker

EleksMaker, a new company out of China known for their laser engravers and other hobby products have released a Bluetooth Speaker called the EleksAudio. The unique design and use of the recycled goods gives this a good anesthetic feel.

This new speaker is unique in that it is made from a recycled 3.5″ Hard Disk Drive with the cover removed showing the platter and head. It is pieced together with plastic on the front covering the exposed platter and bamboo on the rear when the two speakers are located.

Another interesting part about this speaker is that the head will move to the beat of music as seen in the video below.

According to the specifications the speaker can play music via Bluetooth or a Micro SD card. There does not appear to be a 3.5mm jack for connecting via cable however. It is powered by Micro USB with an input of 5V/1A. This means that the speaker can also be powered with a power bank.

The EleksAudio includes a remote control that looks more sophisticated than a standard remote. Besides the usual media control buttons there are a few extra additions worth mentioning. There is a button for controlling the Equaliser and a button labelled RPT which would presumably turn on the radio. There are also numbers from 1 through to 9.


Currently the EleksAudio Bluetooth Speaker is up for Preorder at Banggood for an introductory price of $64.99 US. After that it will increase to $69.99 US and $79.99 US. The speaker is expected to be in stock on the 25th of July.