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Flydigi Stinger Game Trigger Now on Indiegogo

As reported several days ago, the crowdfunding campaign for the Flydigi Stinger CapAir Game Trigger is now live on Indiegogo. Designed for Android and iOS, Flydigi are seeking a flexible goal of $3,000 with several perks available.

Update: Now selling on Banggood

The Flydigi Stinger is a different take on the game triggers that have been doing the rounds online. It uses a unique technology called CapAir Mapping that simulates the human touch by sending a capactive signal to the phone screen when a trigger is pressed. This means that a Bluetooth or wired connection between the gamepad and device is not required.

The Stingers are compatible with cases and screen protectors up to a maximum thickness of 9mm and width of 82mm. One other notable feature is an auto mode that allows you to fire up to 8 times per second and is perfect for games such as PUBG and Fortnite.

Currently Flydigi are offering 4 different perks for the Stinger with a Super Early Bird price of $17 US for the first 100 backers. After that perk has ended the next 500 backers can get a pair of Stingers for $20 US. Followed by an additional 2 other perks for buying more.

Flydigi Stinger Perks


The Indiegogo campaign has 30 days to reach the $3,000 US goal with delivery expected in January 2019. Since it’s a flexible goal the $3,000 target doesn’t have to be met for Flydigi to receive funding.

Check out the Indiegogo Campaign Here!