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FlyDiGi Wasp is a One Handed Controller for iOS

FlyDiGi or sometimes more commonly known as Feizhu are a well known gaming controller manufacturer in China. Recently FlyDiGi have announced a new left-handed gamepad called the FlyDiGi Wasp.

With the recent release of PUBG and Fortnite on mobile it is not surprising that manufacturers have started to release one handed gamepads The recently released Xiaomi Black Shark Gaming Phone was one of the first to introduce a left-handed controller to the market.

Like other controllers on the market, the Flydigi Wasp features an easy pullback grip that securely locks the iPhone in place. As for the buttons, it features a thumb stick with grip, two LT buttons, A and B buttons and a button with the Flydigi logo that is used for CapAir button mapping.

Flydigi Wasp Gaming

The controller can be connected with a physical cable located on the rear and no Bluetooth connectivity is required. Flydigi are using their own proprietary tech called CapAir Mapping that maps the onscreen buttons to the physical buttons. CapAir works by simulating a finger touch on the screen as seen in the image below.

Flydigi Wasp CapAir

One striking thing about the controller is the black and yellow color scheme that really makes it stand out. According to Feizhu the controller is made from Polycarbonate with heat resistant coating to keep it cool. The controller has a 300mAh inbuilt battery that provides up to 20 hours of play time.

The controller is available in two variants. The Wasp-X is designed for use with the iPhone X, iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. The Wasp-N is designed for the iPhone 6 all the way to the iPhone 8 Plus. Currently Android is not supported. Feizhu have said that an Android version is currently being researched.

Flydigi Wasp-X Wasp-N


AliExpress currently stock the Flydigi Wasp for less than $50 US, GeekBuying for $55.99 US and Banggood for $69.99 US.