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Highstar Lamp Features Charging and Removable Fan

Highstar founded in 1999 are known as one of China’s leading manufacturers of LED reading lamps and Bluetooth speakers. Recently they released a new product with features not commonly found in other LED lamps.

At first glance the Highstar HSD9042A has a resemblance to the Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp due to the similar design of the stalk. However they are completely different in function. For starters the lamp is not flexible and has a wooden base.

The first noticeable feature of this new lamp is the fan on the base. This mini fan can be removed from the base and features 3 speed settings. The fan’s inbuilt battery is recharged via 2 pins on the base of the lamp.

Highstar HSD9042A Base

The other interesting feature is two USB ports for charging your mobile devices or the fan itself. Unfortunately the exact speed of these USB ports have not been stated, but it would likely be 5V/1A or 5V/2.1A.


Lumens: 330lm
Colour Temp: 20x 5500-6500k & 20x 2800-3200K
Max Power Consumption: 32w
Input Power: DC 12V/1A
Unit Size: 380 x 180 x 360mm

According to the specifications it features 20 LED lights at a temperature of 5500-6500k and 20 at 2800-3200k. This allows the lamp to have a natural, yellow and white light. The brightness is adjustable to 5 levels and a sensor button toggles the lamp on/off.

What’s interesting is that Highstar have specified the power consumption as 32W. Not many brands ever state their product’s power consumption.

Highstar HSD9042A Real


Currently Highstar are taking orders on Alibaba for $19-22.10 US with a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. Some stores in China are currently selling it for around $60 US. Hopefully AliExpress or other Chinese stores will start selling it.