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IDMIX CH02 Charger Features a Pot for Plants

IDMIX, a brand known for their creative chargers and accessories have released a new charger called the IDMIX CH02 featuring an inbuilt pot groove for plants.

The concept behind the charger is to be somewhat eco-friendly while using power to charge your devices. The creative design with the addition of a plant will make it stand out and look good on any surface. The design is a welcome sight compared to the ugly square and rectangular chargers from other brands.

IDMIX CH02 Concept Art
IDMIX CH02 Concept Art

In China the charger will come with nutrient soil and grass seeds that will start to grow within 3 to 4 days with minimal water. Outside of China the soil and seeds are not included due to individual country customs regulations.

Due to the small size of the groove, plants that are small and don’t require much work like some grasses or air plants would be suitable for this device.

The IDMIX CH02 features 6 USB ports with up to 2.4A in each port or 8A total across all 6 ports simultaneously. This is achieved through the BC1.2 intelligent charging chip that can automatically detect the device’s charging protocol enabling it to charge at full speed.

The charger takes a standard figure 8 IEC-C7 cable and has a universal power supply from 100V to 240V.

According to the IDMIX the material used is “degradable plant fiber”. It is likely that they have used ABS Plastic and coloured it to look more natural.

IDMIX CH02 Charger
IDMIX CH02 Charger

IDMIX CH02 Specifications

  • Brand: IDMIX
  • Name: Creative Potted Plant Charger
  • Material: Degradable Plant Fiber
  • Ports: 6 USB Ports
  • Input: AC 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz
  • Output: 5V/2.4A, Total 8A (Max)
  • Chip: BC1.2 IC
  • Product Size: 13.40cm (L) x 13.20cm (W) x 3.40cm (H)
  • Weight: ~289g

Price and Availability

The IDMIX CH02 Potted Plant Charger is currently avaliable from Gearbest for $28.86 US