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Teclast Flare RGB 240GB SSD Announced

Teclast a consumer electronic brand best known for their tablets and laptops have released a new solid state drive to the market. The Teclast Flare is a 2.5″ SATA 3 SSD in the capacity of 240GB with a very unique feature – RGB Lightning.

According to specifications released by Teclast the RGB lightning has a breathing effect and flows through 7 different colours. Unfortunately the SSD does not support custom colours or effects.

The other interesting design aspect of the Teclast Flare is the innovative layer design. Besides the anesthetics this is intended to allow for better heat dissipation as the lights generate more heat.

Under the hood the SSD is using 64-layer high density 3D NAND TLC flash that provides a sequential read of 520 MB/s and a sequential write of 450 MB/s. The manufacturer of the flash memory is Sandisk with Nanya DDR cache and a Silicon Motion 2258 Controller. This puts it in line with most other mid-range SSDs currently available on the market.

The other notable feature that sets this SSD apart from others is the included accessories. This includes a screwdriver, screws and a SATA cable. This is unusual as SSDs sold these days normally do not include any accessories.

Teclast Flare RGB SSD


Currently Banggood are listing the Teclast Flare for $89.99 US. This is a decent price considering Teclast in China are currently selling it for¥599.00 ($88 US).