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Tenda Nova MW12 AC2200 Mesh WiFi Coming Soon

Tenda isn’t a well known brand in a lot of places but they’ve recently come into the spotlight for their affordable mesh WiFi products. Soon the company will be releasing their next generation product called the Tenda Nova MW12 with a few big improvements over its predecessors.

Tenda Nova MW6
Tenda Nova MW6 Mesh WiFi

Previously Tenda released the sub-$100 MW3 offering 3 mesh modes with AC1200 and 100 Mbit/s ethernet ports. Later they released the MW5/MW5s which improved upon the MW3 by offering power point access points and gigabit ethernet. The latest ilteration is the Tenda MW6 that currently offers 3 mesh nodes with support for an additional 6, AC1200, Gigabit ethernet and up to 6000-12000 sq. ft of coverage.

Tenda Nova Comparison

Currently the details on the MW12 are limited and Tenda have not been able to provide any concept images. All we know so far is what has been provided in the diagram above. It will have AC2200 that provides a maximum wireless bandwidth of 2200Mbps compared to the 1200Mbps in the previous generations. Support for up to 12 nodes providing coverage up to 6000-15000 sq. ft, support for 120 connected devices and gigabit ethernet.

As for the setup it’s presumed that it will all be configured from the phone app like the previous generations. This has been a big complaint in reviews for the others as there is no web interface. Another complaint is that the WiFi channels are locked and causes connection issues in built up areas. Hopefully Tenda will address these issues in the new generation

Tenda Nova MW12 Release Date

The release date of the Tenda Nova MW12 is currently unknown. A Tenda spokesperson said “We do not release it yet. But will come soon”.