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Tronsmart Presto is a 12000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 and Type-C Power Bank

Tronsmart recently announced a new power bank called the Tronsmart Presto. The Tronsmart Presto features a 12000mAh lithium polymer battery with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technolgy and USB Type-C Fast Charging.

The Tronsmart Presto features a standard USB-A port that will charge devices with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 technology. With Quick Charge 3.0, compatible devices can be charged up to 4 times faster than conventional charging. It’s also fully backwards compatible with Quick Charge 2.0 and any other device not using the technology.

The power bank also features a USB Type-C port for charging the power bank itself and any Type-C compatiable device. The power bank would normally take 12-18 hours to recharge with micro-USB, but with Type-C Fast Charging it’s only ~6.5 hours.

Click here for a full list of Quick Charge and Type-C Fast Charging compatible devices.

You don’t need to worry about the power bank malfunctioning either due to the fast charging times as Tronsmart have included 11S circuit protection. This includes protection against short-circuits, overcharging and overheating.

Tronsmart Presto 11S Circuit Protection
Tronsmart Presto 11S Circuit Protection

Tronsmart have said that the power bank has a conversion rate up to 93% and remains below 90 Degrees C during operation. This is better than a lot of other generic power banks that have an ~80% conversion rate and often overheat.

The power bank itself is quite slim and follows the design of other Tronsmart products. It measures 158mm x 55mm and the body appears to be made from ABS plastic. The power bank has 4 white lights to indicate the power level while charging and the ports are clearly labelled as QC3 Out and Type-C In/Out.

Tronsmart Presto Price and Availability

UPDATE: The Tronsmart Presto is now available at Geekbuying for $34.99 US