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Xiao Yi Launch Dashcam with ADAS Features

Xiao Yi, the camera startup backed by Xiaomi that are most well known for their Yi Action Camera have released a new camera. The new Xiao Yi camera is designed to be used as a dashcam, but can be used as an action camera as well.

Xiao Yi Camera

The most important feature of the new Xiao Yi Camera is ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The system helps to avoid collisions by warning you if you’re getting too close to another vehicle or object in front of you. The system can also detect if you are suddenly veering off course. This is particularly useful if you’re starting to fall asleep at the wheel.

The Xiao Yi camera comes with a 165 degree wide lens and a F1.8 aperture that makes it ideal for low light level recording. The camera is capable of recording at 2304×1296 resolution and supports 1920×1080 at 60fps. It uses the H.264 format for recording and compression. The camera has a 2.7″ screen and built-in WiFi for playing back the footage on your phone using their app. The Xiao Yi camera also supports a microSD card up to 64GB for storing the footage.

It’s made from PC-ABS that provides superior strength and heat resistance. that is useful for people in hotter climates. The camera’s dimensions are 74mm x 19.4mm x 52.4mm and weighs only 74g.

Xiao Yi Camera

The camera is currently on presale at Banggood and Geekbuying until January 2016.