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What’s in my bag? – Japan Edition

For years I’ve always been fascinated with the online trend of sharing “What’s in my bag?” and have spent hours browsing through pictures online. The concept is a great way to find a new bag and see what kind of tech people use.

Given this blog is primarily focused around tech in Asia it’s always good to see people using little known brands in place of big brand products.

After a recent holiday to Japan I decided it’s time to show off what my daily carry bag was and it’s contents.

List of Contents

  • Code10 Commuter Bag
  • Coca-Cola Apple
  • Soda Hi-Chew
  • Yi 4K+ Action Camera
  • Yi 4K+ Waterproof Case
  • Camera Tripod
  • Camera Headband
  • Kingma Camera Batteries
  • Kingma Battery Charger
  • Samsung Evo 64GB Micro SD Card
  • Unicom HK 5GB Data SIM Card
  • OnePlus Dash Charger
  • Sdoutech 10000mAh Dash Power Bank
  • Xiaomi 5000mAh Power Bank
  • Xiaomi USB Fan
  • Tronsmart Spunky Pro Earphones
  • OnePlus USB-C Cable
  • Orico Micro USB Cable
  • Dettol Disinfectant Wipes
  • Shiseido Sunmedic SPF50+ Sunscreen
  • Sulfamethoxazole Eyedrops
  • SUICA IC Card
  • International Drivers Permit
  • JR Rail Pass
  • Passport

Content Highlights

Code10 Commuter Bag

Code10 Commuter Bag

Originally purchased in an Indiegogo Campaign last year. The Code10 Commuter Bag has been designed to act both as a travel friendly backpack and messenger back. It consists of many different compartments that are designed for holding both clothing and tech. The Commuter is made from knife resistant waterproof material and features a lock on a retractable cable.

What I love about this bag is the shear amount of compartments it has. Behind the main compartment I could store clothing, while in the main compartment there are zippable mesh pockets for my tech and other pockets for storing my documents. The backpack itself was quite ergonomic with its straps and the fact that it was waterproof was perfect in those Japanese typhoon downpours.

Coca-Cola Apple

Coca-Cola Apple

Coca-Cola Japan are well known for experimenting with their flavours and 2019 has been no exception. In September for Autumn they released for the first time, Apple flavoured Coca-Cola. After trying Coca-Cola Australia’s No Sugar Coffee, Ginger and Raspberry I wasn’t convinced that this would be a worthy rival to the legendary Cherry Coke. Oh how I was wrong!

This new flavour retains the original Coca-Cola taste while simultaneously having a strong and refreshing taste of Apple with the same smoothness that Vanilla Coke offers. It’s a shame that it’s a Japan-only exclusive as this would make an excellent permanent option in their range.

Yi 4K+ Waterpoof Case

Yi 4K+ Action Camera

Originally released in 2017, the Yi 4K+ was the world’s first true 4K action camera capable of recording at 60 frames per second (fps). At the time of release this was better than what GoPro were offering and considering the lower price it was a very successful competitor.

I originally picked this camera up several years ago and it’s been flawless since day 1. What I love about the camera is the ease of use and how many different features its packing. In combination with the headband while driving the streets of Toyko or on the Toyota test track I was able to record 4K/30fps footage with Electronic Image Stabilisation to keep it steady.

The timelapse mode helped create amazing shots while overlooking Shibuya Crossing from Scramble View and Osaka from the Umeda Sky Building at night. Not to mention the camera is compatible with GoPro accessories.

Yi 4K+ Waterproof Case

This one is self-explanatory! You can’t have an action camera without a waterproof case. Unfortunately the Yi 4K+ doesn’t offer native water resistance like GoPro does, but no matter as this filled the role. I’ve used this extensively while snorkeling in the Pacific Islands and it makes the camera easier to attach to other accessories.

Vamson Action Camera Accessory Pack

I was after some inexpensive head, chest and tripod mounts for my Yi 4K+ and Vamson offered exactly that. On AliExpress they have different packs filled with heaps of different accessories for nearly every situation. Perfect if you’ve just picked up an action camera and need some gear.

Kingma Charger Battery

KingMa Spare Batteries & Charger

KingMa are a Chinese brand well known for their third-party camera batteries and chargers. These are great as the Yi chews through the battery quickly after continuous 4K recording and these are 200mAh larger than the official battery. The portable charger paired with the Xiaomi 5000mAh power bank means I can recharge them on the go too.

Sdoutech 10000mAh Dash Charge Power Bank

Previously covered on CheesyNode. This is a 10000mAh power bank that features Dash Charge for OnePlus and VOOC for Oppo. As a OnePlus 6 owner this power bank is a lifesaver when travelling as it fully recharges my phone in under an hour.

Xiaomi USB Fan

Xiaomi USB Fan / Generic USB Fan

Travelling to Japan in September meant that it was still really hot and really humid! This fan was a real life saver keeping cool while downing a cold matcha ice-cream in the scorching heat. The official Xiaomi USB fans typically cost $3 while the generics that are just as good cost around $1.

Tronsmart Spunky Pro

Tronsmart Spunky Pro TWS Earphones

The Tronsmart Spunky Pro earphones are my daily go-to driver that I can’t live without. Thanks to Bluetooth I don’t have to worry about plugging in any cables to my phone and the fact that they’re IPX5 water resistant meant that I never have to worry about my sweat from the Japan heat from damaging them.

Something interesting to note is that the lid pops open with a press of a button. I found this to be a great fidget toy feeling it pop open everytime I pressed the button. Or perhaps I’m slightly crazy?

Micro SD Card SIM

Micro SD Card / SIM Card

Probably one of the most important things needed when travelling to Japan is spare micro SD Cards for your camera and SIM cards for data. For the Yi 4K+ I used a Samsung Evo Plus 128GB and 64GB micro SD card which were both more than enough for filming hours of 4K video.

Japan has a real lack of public WiFi options available besides fast food outlets like McDonalds or your accommodation. I personally opted for a UNICOM HK SIM Card that could be used all over Asia and had a cap of 5GB over 15 days. Unfortunately I hit that limit on day 10 and purchased a Softbank SIM Card that had a 3GB cap over 14 days. I recommend buying your SIM Card(s) before you travel to Japan rather than trying to find a cheap one in the airport.

JR Pass / SUICA IC Card

The two most important things you can have for any travel around Japan!

The Japan Rail Pass is a very cost effective pass if you’re a foreign visitor and intend on travelling around Japan, in particular on the Shinkansen (bullet train). This allows unlimited travel in periods of one, two or three weeks at a fraction of the cost that local residents would normally pay. I used this extensively to ride the Shinkansen from up north in Tokyo to down south in Hiroshima. It’s also useful for normal JR train lines and the JR Ferry to Miyajima.

SUICA as it’s known in Tokyo is a reloadable IC card for train and bus travel around Japan. Simply buy the card at any train station (or before you arrive), top it up with money and tap at the gates to enter trains. There is no need to worry about navigating Japan’s complicated train ticket system. They can also be used with most vending machines and convenience stores.

In other regions of Japan IC cards go by different names. Around the Kansai region you have Icoca and Pitapa while in the Greater Sapporo region you have the Kitaca. I often try to collect them in the different regions I go to as they all have a different design.


That’s the end of the “What’s in your bag? – Japan Edition”. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! Perhaps next time we’ll see what’s in the daily or work tech bag?