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PiPO X3 is an Android & Windows POS with Thermal Printer

PiPO, a well established company known for their manufacture of Mini PCs with touchscreen displays have released a new product. The new PiPO X3 is an Android and Windows based Mini PC and tablet hybrid featuring an inbuilt thermal printer. Making it suitable for use as a dedicated point of sales system. The first notable…

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ISSYZONEPOS IPDA018 is an Android 7.0 Barcode PDA

ISSYZONEPOS, a Chinese company that specialises in POS, thermal printers and barcode readers have released a new PDA. The IPDA018 is a 1D and 2D Barcode PDA running Android 7.0. Currently the market is saturated with devices running legacy Windows Embedded operating systems that are slow and old. This Android-based PDA is a better alternative…

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SUNMI OS is an Android-based OS for Point of Sale

In 2016 a new technology company called Sunmi was founded to create an Android-based operating system for use with Point Of Sales systems. With two rounds of funding from Xiaomi this new OS was called SUNMI OS. Since then the company have released a dozen products based around this new operating system that have been…

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