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iPEGA PG-9120 Gamepad compatible with iOS without app

The iPEGA PG-9120 one handed Bluetooth controller is a refresh on the months old iPEGA PG-9100. Unlike its predecessor, this new controller is compatible with iOS without the use of an app and has been given a blue paint job. Simply pair the PG-9120 with an iPhone or Android and the gamepad will automatically map…

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Flydigi Stinger CapAir Game Trigger Launching on Indiegogo

Flydigi, a leader in mobile gaming controllers have announced a new product called the Flydigi Stinger. Flydigi are expected to launch an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for the controller in 3 days. It’s compatible with Android/iOS and is designed specifically for use with games including PUBG and Fortnite. What makes this game trigger controller unique compared…

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Flydigi Wasp-BT is a One Handed Controller for Android

As previously reported Flydigi released two left handed controllers for the iPhone known as the Wasp-N and Wasp-X. Now they’ve released a new version for Android called the Flydigi Wasp-BT. To accommodate for the various different sizes of Android devices, Bluetooth is being used instead of CapAir button mapping technology. This makes it compatible with…

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MOCUTE 058 is a One Handed Bluetooth Controller for Android

MOCUTE, a little known brand from China that have spent the last several years releasing game controllers for mobile devices. Their latest offering is the MOCUTE 058 that is designed specifically for first person shooters including PUBG and Fortnite. The MOCUTE 058 follows the same left handed style as other gamepads that have recently been…

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FlyDiGi Wasp is a One Handed Controller for iOS

FlyDiGi or sometimes more commonly known as Feizhu are a well known gaming controller manufacturer in China. Recently FlyDiGi have announced a new left-handed gamepad called the FlyDiGi Wasp. With the recent release of PUBG and Fortnite on mobile it is not surprising that manufacturers have started to release one handed gamepads The recently released…

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