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Deal: Ramsta S800 480GB SATA SSD $69.99 US at GeekBuying

As previously reported, Ramsta a budget SSD brand have released a new solid state drive to the market called the Ramsta S800. Like its predecessor, the Ramsta S800 is a 2.5″ SATA 3 SSD in the capacity of 480GB with several improvements. Ramsta have ditched the slower TLC cache in favour of faster 3D NAND…

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Ramsta Peter Pan T100 is a USB Type-C Portable SSD

Ramsta, a budget SSD brand who have been making waves recently online for their low prices have announced a new product, the Ramsta Peter Pan T100 Portable SSD! Yes, that name isn’t a typo! Ruishi International have really named their new SSD Peter Pan. According to the specs provided by Ramsta this new SSD is…

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Deal: Ramsta S600 480GB SATA SSD $79.99 US at GeekBuying

The Ramsta S600 is a 480GB SSD from a Chinese company called Ruishi International who were established in Hong Kong in 2010. In the early days Ruishi were known for manufacturing power banks. Now they focus on budget SSDs and RAM. Ruishi are a subsidiary of Newlystar who also own Tigo – a well known…

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