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Sdoutech 10000mAh Power Bank Features Dash Charge

Sdoutech, an OEM/ODM power bank manufacturer have released a new power bank called the Sdoutech SD1WPB with something very special. The power bank features Dash Charge fast charging for the OnePlus series phones.

This is unusual as until now very few manufacturers have released a power bank with Dash Charge. Previously both the big and small names have released power banks with the more common fast charging technologies. Usually being Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology, Samsung AFC, USB Power Delivery and Intelligent Charging (5V/2.4A).

What is Dash Charge?

OnePlus Dash Charge like VOOC from its sister’s brand Oppo operates differently to other fast charging technologies. Instead of offering multiple levels of power that step up in volts (e.g. 5V, 9V, 12V) it operates by increasing the amperage. Thus, Dash Charge and VOOC operate at 5V/4A (20W). The main advantage of this method of charging is that it reportedly lowers the temperature of the charging adapter which improves the speed and safety of the charge.

This means a OnePlus phone can charge from 0% to 80% in an impressive short time of 40 minutes!

Sdoutech SD1WPB Dash Charge


In the Sdoutech SD1WPB it features one USB-A port for output with Dash Charge that must be used with an original OnePlus or Dash/VOOC compatible cable to achieve 5V/4A. For input the power bank can be recharged via Micro USB or Lightning (not both) and is limited to 5V/2.1A. It’s disappointing to see that there is no fast recharging, however that would increase the size and add onto the cost.

Physically the power bank is made from a dark aluminum shell and measures 133mm x 71mm x 14mm and weighs only 238g. Besides the input/output ports it also features a power button and 4 light indicator to display the capacity level.

Sdoutech SD1WPB Ports

You can see a video of the power bank in action below:


Currently Sdoutech sell the SD1WPB directly from Amazon and their Website with a price of $36.99-$39.99 US.